Feight & Logistics
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Freight & Logistics offers a complete range of freight forwarding and logistic solutions that enhances the quality of Global trade in the area of Import, Export and other logistic solutions. It offers brilliant as well as customized solutions over the SEA, AIR and LAND (Road & Rail).



Freight and Logistics offers innovative and excellent freight solutions to its valuable clients. The people behind firmly understands the client's choice on air freight considering the time effectiveness of the reach. Hence, the reach is assured with the stipulated time and safety.


Again, the time is money!! And we are firm on our departure to and from the ports. Freight & Logistics operates on preset transit time and the arrival date. We also offer door-to-door service as well as refrigerated cargo according to the needs and demands of the client.


F&L very well manages the Land freight (trucking). The services are of top quality with clean truck that can be ideally used for transporting food. Refrigerated trucks are available for the suitable goods and everything runs assuring safety and timeliness.

Other Services

OUTBOUND (Air & Sea)

We offer outbound services through Air and Sea and are able to serve anywhere across the globe. We have designed our service to simplify the relocation process. Our expertise in freight forwarding has made us more confident in transporting both the small as well as the large consignments in a highly organised pattern.

INBOUND (Air & Sea)

The Inbound services offered by us are capable of covering all activities needed to bring goods from a source location to the storage or warehouse or a manufacturing plant. Our manpower is highly dedicated towards the management of these goods at the on-site once they have arrived.

TANK MOVEMENTS (Export & Import)

Our company and its team is well equipped to handle tank movements, making the relocation simple and hassle free to the clients. We are updated with the latest infrastructure requirements and thus are focused towards giving the best service to the clients.


Although this is the most cost effective method of transportation of goods, we take extra care in handling goods and time constraints. We understand that delay in delivery could cause a lot of problems to the client and hence, we keep up or time along with the careful management of goods.


The human resource at Freight and Logistics is highly skilled and experience to help you with the project forwarding. They have hands on experience and in-depth knowledge in handling any complex project requirements.


We have a team of well trained and dedicated staff, who are experts in providing custom brokerage to our clients. We adhere to clear transparency and professionalism in our approach. We do not take any hidden charge that you might not know. We are reasonable at what we are.


The dedicated team at Freight & Logistics are capable to provide a customer focused Packaging/Warehousing/Distribution service. The specialized team has in depth knowledge related to this area and hands-on experience to give you a more reliable and the best service that you can expect from Freight and Logistics.